SMART Housing at E6 allows residents the opportunity to live in quality, affordable homes. In order to apply for an affordable apartment home, you must qualify under specific guidelines. The information on the list below may be required to complete your application. Contact us for more details on how to apply!
In order to complete your application, the following items must be provided:


  • Application Fee: $65
  • Admin Fee: $150


  • A driver’s license or another form of identification
  • Proof of income - up to eight (8) weeks of most recent consecutive paycheck stubs, or proof of retirement or benefit income
  • The most recent two (2) months of bank statements
  • Employment verification
  • Child support verification

*There may be additional items needed that relate to your specific situation. We appreciate your cooperation in providing this documentation in order to process your application quickly.

Income Restrictions

The required income restrictions may differ depending on the floor plan type of the apartment. Contact us for more information regarding income requirements.

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